Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I find as I get older more things irritate me. Like a patient I saw recently. Born and raised in the UK he has lived and worked in Dubai for several years “so I don’t have to pay tax and national insurance Doc.” So when he needs medical care for an elective condition obviously he gets on a plane and comes back to the UK where it is free.
Well it’s not free you fucking selfish parasite. It is paid for through the taxes of those who live and work here and if I had my way you would have your UK citizenship stripped away, or at least made to pay for the care you get from the NHS you don’t want to contribute towards.


  1. Recently had an argument with someone about his friend who lives in Thailand, this ex-pat gets his sister to go to his GP in Scotland and organise a repeat prescription every 2 months and then she sends the medication out to him. Remember in Scotland prescriptions are now free for everyone.
    Could not get him to understand that this is fraud, he just saw it as someone using the system for their benefit and saving money. And of course this clown comes home when he needs anything done or for his reviews with his GP as it is his 'right' as a UK citizen.

  2. Except it is not his right. Entitlement to NHS care is on the basis of usual place of residence. Both of the examples above are frauds, and should be reported either to patient affairs if a hospital patient, the PCT or NHS fraud office if not.

  3. This wouldn't happen in most other countries in the EU where the health service is insurance-based. This is one of the reasons why I believe the NHS must evolve into a system such as the Dutch,French or German one wher the money follows the patient.