Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Enough already

I am not going to go through module 5 of the NHS outcomes framework item by item. It is just more of the same. Empty posturing, badly thought through by people who seem to know nothing of the realities of modern medical practice. A load of public relations bollocks insisting that we must now “do something” along the lines of, did they but know it, what we have already quietly been doing for many years. 

So how does shit like this get written? Quite simple. Various governments have, over the years imposed more and more NHS  QUANGOs, committees, regulatory bodies, working parties etc to regulate a shrinking front line with more and more restriction, regulation and supervision, stifling clinical autonomy, innovation and advancement, and destroying morale and motivation.

And once all these parasites are installed you have to find something to occupy them. And in return they have to produce something to justify their well paid existence. So an entire superstructure is built up of various bodies exchanging meaningless crap back and forth, oblivious to the fact that they are contributing nothing. And they report their worthless documents back to governments of PR men who don’t know shit from shinola, and publish it with a flourish, not realising the contempt it generates in those actually providing care.

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