Thursday, 7 July 2011

Where's the president?

In the early days of my blog, in June last year I wrote a post about the President of the GMC, Sir Graeme Catto. I was unaware at that time, and have in fact found out only recently, that Catto resigned as president of the GMC in 2009, so was not president at the time of writing. Since no-one commented on that error I can only assume that no-one else noticed his departure either.

Now you would have thought that it would be a simple enough matter to find out who the current president is, but after an hour searching the web today I am still none the wiser. The GMC has it's own web site, an unbelievably poor and amateurish site, which makes no mention that I can find of a president.

Does the GMC currently have a president? Who is it? Can anyone enlighten me?