Thursday, 7 July 2011

The last President

Many thanks to Grumble for answering my question in the previous post. The reason I can't find a GMC President is because the title has been changed to that of "Chair of the Council" The incumbent is Peter Rubin. This means that Catto will have been the very last President of the GMC.

The original post was part of a series illustrating how knighthoods are automatically granted to people who acquire certain positions regardless of whether they actually do anything notable in that position. Rubin was knighted less than a year after becoming Chair.


  1. And where is the ex-President now?
    He is President of the 'College of Medicine'. The institution that replaced the Foundation for Integrated Health. So he advocates the integration of dubious practices and quackery into mainstream medicine. Should he therefore not be referred back to the GMC, this time to be on the receiving end himself? Oh how sweet a thought. I dream on.

  2. In fact I was going to post on that.

  3. Ah, the joys of "Knight Starvation".

    David Colquhoun pointed out another interesting example. When Prince Charles' acolytes and flacks tried to get Prof Edzard Ernst sacked from Exeter a few years ago - this was when Prof E tried to do an "Emperor's New Clothes' job on one of Prince Charles' old Foundation for Quackery's risible reports promoting CAM - Ernst's bosses who signally failed to back him included Profs Steven Smith and John Tooke.... both of whom got honours in the latest honours list.