Friday, 1 July 2011

Attention span

What is it with some patients these days, particularly the younger ones, who are attached to their electronic devices like siamese twins. In the last few weeks I have had;

A patient on the ward whose gaze remained fixed on her TV screen while I was talking to her. Not once did she look at me.

A clinic patient who texted constantly during her consultation.

A patient who kept his earpiece in and the music playing while I was trying to elicit a history. 

Is it too much to ask these ill mannered fuckers to give me their undivided attention while I am trying to provide them with health care that they have sought?

What do you suppose would happen if I gave them the slap they deserve?


  1. To be fair, they're probably shitting themselves in fear when you come near them and thus distract / reassure themselves with electrical devices. Seems OK to me but I do demand they turn tele / phone / rampant rabbit off when I speak to them.
    Slapping them will probably only make them cling to their devices more the next time, no matter how personally gratifying to the slapper.

  2. the a&e charge nurse1 July 2011 at 11:04

    Sorry, Dr Zorro, what did you say? - I was just trying to find an "app" on my I-phone.