Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A rock and a hard place again

Jobbing Doctor has brought this article to my attention. The pompous shite uttered by the GMC through that shit encrusted stoma of a mouth belonging to Niall Dickhead makes my blood boil. 

So the GMC are now investigating doctors for NOT whistleblowing. They must be rubbing their hands with glee. Bearing in mind what generally happens to whistleblowers at the hands of their employers, might it not have been a good idea for the GMC to promise some sort of assistance to these doctors, rather than just threatening them into an impossible position.

But then, who needs carrot when you have got a big fucking stick?

What a bunch of cunts.


  1. You don't sound too happy, Dr Z.

  2. I wrote a paper on it - read it and feature it but you won't :).


    Suggest you drop the swearing and intemperacy. There is no anonymity on the internet and if the GMC wish to find you, they will.

    Otherwise, you are right :)


  3. Holding the GMC in contempt, (which I do) is not a GMC offence. Furthermore the Standards Committee of the GMC themselves have stated " that the professionals reputation depends principally on the standards of care and conduct provided by doctors to their patients, and not on personal opinions as put forward in published letters or articles."
    So Fuck'em.

  4. Is it not. Indeed, that may have been my only potential crime of passion. The GMC and I divorced.

    http://www.palvgmc.blogspot.com - read R v GMC Ex Parte Pal. Your rationale is practical but in the GMC world, does not fit with the case law. I am unclear what you do - the case law is in front of you, it applies to all of you but you perceive that it mere applies to me. The fact is that "misconduct" according to the GMC varies in definition from day to day.

    Secondly, it would take them one second to email Google for your IP and identity you. And don't for one minute believe they don't use detectives. Peter Jay comes to mind.

  5. Lastly, I think most doctors live in their fictional world of safety. Most on that doctors only site have spent more than a decade abusing me in some form, engaging others not to associate with me - blah blah.

    The revalidation issue is going to be such a big disaster that each doctor is going to regret not listening to the warning signs. And don't for one minute think, I have not tried my utmost to inform doctors of the risks in front of them. Everyone has ignored it. Well fine, I shall sit with my popcorn and watch them - while revalidation harvests the data the GMC wants on doctors they wish to prosecute.

    Rule 4[4] means that the GMC does not have to inform the doctor to carry out "inquiries" and if anyone has read the new Fitness Rules, they will understand that the GMC can investigate at any point during the revalidation process.

    Lastly, anyone FOIA-ing the Information Commissioner will find that the GMC has been found guilty for multiple breaches under the Data Protection Act. What does this mean to doctors whose data will be processes by the GMC?

    So, I will probably say this until I am blue in the face but no one listens. They carry on this silly little " Rita is a danger" type stupidity instead of LISTENING.

    Rita Pal

  6. PS Spot the typo above [ I have made a few] and make a big deal about it :). [ 10 year DNUK joke]