Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Heroes & Villains

You will probably have seen this clip of surgeon David Nunn of Guys Hospital losing his rag, and who can blame him. 

What no-one is asking is what were Cameron and Clegg doing at the hospital in the first place. Apparently he was there to  “reveal the reforms in the NHS”. Did he really have to go to a working hospital to do it? 

The appearance of these politicians in the hospital with a full cortege of the press can have been nothing more than a propaganda exercise. Totally orchestrated theatre with the sole function of providing a photo opportunity for the PM.

I think we all wait with baited breath to see if Mr Nunn is about to feel the wrath of his CE over his quite justifiable outburst. But who is the CE of Guys? A man who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to allow his hospital and patients to be used for party political purposes.
This is the CE of Guys Hospital. His name is Ron Kerr. Ron is apparently the highest paid NHS CE in Britain, with an annual salary of 270,000.


  1. Is he anything to Professor David Kerr, one of the 'listeners' in the 'listening' exercise and hatchet man?

  2. with that kind of salary you'd have thought he could afford a better wig?