Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Law? What law?

The GMC are not the only arrogant gits who think they are above the law. 

The church of England has got itself into a hopeless muddle over the appointment of gay bishops. Reading this article it is obvious that the church, like catholicism and islam, has it’s share of bigoted homophobes. In an attempt to bridge the gulf between these throwbacks and the more liberal members of the church, it has come to a number of compromises which can only have been thought up by a committee.

You can be a gay anglican bishop if you do not actually have sex. 

Anglican bishops who are heterosexual are not required to be celibate, but homosexual ones are.

Anglican bishops who are heterosexual are allowed to keep their former sex lives private, but homosexual ones are expected to repent theirs.

In an effort to placate both sides the church has got into a hopeless demonstration of double standards. Why any gay would want to associate himself with such an openly homophobic organisation is a mystery to me.

The fact that this blatant discrimination is almost certainly unlawful has penetrated their consciousness, but they appear to think that adherence to the relevant legislation is optional, making the statement, “bishops debated the issue at a private meeting, failing to reach agreement on how far they should comply with new equality legislation.”
Really? Perhaps next time I feel like killing someone I shall justify my actions by deciding how far I should comply with the law against murder. They don’t get it do they? The law applies to all. Their adherence to an anachronistic and outdated code of conduct based on a belief in fairies does not excuse them from obeying the law. 

And these fools think they hold the moral high ground. I don’t think so.

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