Monday, 20 June 2011

A question

Why is it that for running an NHS Foundation Trust a CE can expect an annual salary in the region of £160,000, and a Medical Director can expect about £150,000, when for running the entire country the Prime Minister only gets £142,500?

With 170 acute hospital Trusts in Britain that means that just 340 NHS employees are costing about 105million pounds a year in pay. To put this in perspective, the 650 MPs in the House of Commons cost less than half this sum, 42.7million.

Is it not time there was a cap on how much a public sector employee can earn?


  1. The twisted but true answer is that those 'public sector employees' aren't public sector - far too many of them are private sector Johnnies slumming it in the public sector. So they have to be bribed to go where no decent suit would otherwise be seen dead.

  2. Then they will do the job for the love of it. It is also a sure way of not getting the people that collapsed the banks and invest in Iceland.

    The Cockroach Catcher