Friday, 24 June 2011

Doctors & Nurses again

If there is sometimes some discord between professionals about the relative roles of doctors and nurses, the general public can often see things differently.

This is apparently a true story but may be apocryphal. It concerns a gynaecologist about to perform a vaginal examination on a patient, who called in his clinic nurse to act as a chaperone. Once the nurse was present he turned to the patient lying on the couch and asked her to remove her knickers. The patient ignored him so he asked again. “Sorry” said the patient, “I thought you were talking to the nurse."


  1. Yup, seems about right.


  2. Agree with Grumpy RN.

    Sounds about right as the myth about nurses being easy lays persists.

    Anna :o]

    PS I have heard or read this before, quite recently.