Wednesday, 16 February 2011


It is not just fundamentalist moslems who object to Valentines day. The response of other religious loons to what is a pretty harmless idea also demonstrates an antipathy to human sexuality that makes you wonder what on earth they are so afraid of.

Here is another repressive tirade against sexuality in general but premarital sex and homosexuality in particular, this time from the christian side. 

The hatred and malice expressed by the ultra religious of all persuasions against gays is well over the line into insanity. (1) (2) (3)

As for sex & marriage, it’s a bit like buying a car innit. You would not make such a momentous choice without taking the thing for a test drive now would you. You might find that under the sleek paint and alluring bodywork lurks the engine of a Reliant Robin. And if you don’t find out until you are committed you find that trading it in for a faster model is bloody expensive.


  1. "Like drivers of high-performance cars, we all know how powerful our sexual urges are. As with behaviour on the roads, lack of control can lead to disaster for all involved."

    I suppose that's why I race on private road circuits then - I wouldn't want to hurt anyone but myself with my high performace sexual organs :-D

    As Bill HIcks once said about folks like this; my friends' views are divided on these people. Some think they're annoying idiots. Others think they're evil fucks >:-(

  2. "it’s a bit like buying a car "

    God above! Is that what 'passion' means to you? buy it?! Like any machine? A car?! Take 'love' for a 'drive' to give it a 'try'?!

    That's sad! I sincerely mean that :(

  3. Are you so obtuse that you can not recognise a tongue in cheek comment? I think you have been here before.

  4. I completely agree with anonymous abov...the underlying tones suggest a very unpassionate person....lets hope youre not in a relationship!!! i can just see you gettinh out a Haynes manual to show you how to be compassion!!!
    Saddo :-(