Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day

For those of you enjoying Valentines day spare a thought for Malaysians. I think it true to say that most in the UK think Valentines is so harmless that even our adolescent youngsters send each other cards without causing any concern. In Malaysia however this is considered by the government to be “a trap” to ensnare the young in a life of vice, and immorality.

They will even be raiding hotels and presumably knocking down doors to catch people at it who in their view shouldn’t be. A case of coitus very interruptus I should imagine.

Now who are the ones really obsessed with sex here?


  1. Big difference between romance and sex; you can't control your heart but you can control your urges. It's crossing the line that the Muslims do not do pre marriage. Why is that troubling 'you'? You have your ways; 'your' business, and they have theirs, 'their' business! And 'they' won't intrude on yours, so why you intrude on theirs?!

  2. "and they have theirs, 'their' business"
    Could not agree more. But there are obviously moslems in malaysia who disagree with your view on premarital sex, who live in fear that the hotel door is going to be smashed down while they are engaged in "their business."
    ''Muslims do not do pre marriage" What planet are you on?