Tuesday, 1 March 2016

GMC gets it wrong again

I see the GMC is playing it's game of censoring a doctor again. It seems to me that the doctor in question is airing his views, as he has every right to do. Some of his views I think many doctors would agree with. There doesn't seem to be any suggestion that any patients were specifically identified. Some of the offensive comments are worth repeating.

“Ambulance for a broken nail, an earache, period pain, not being able to sleep are all REAL. What’s going on with the people of the UK…”  I think most A & E and ambulance staff would verify that this statement is factually correct.

“I’m sure ADHD is merely a polite term for a child who is just a little shit.” DZ would agree with that one!

“I’m sick of busting balls to ensure that a patient with a broken fingernail (who called an ambulance) is seen within four hours." Seems pretty reasonable to me.

What are the GMC playing at? Their council stated. “He recognised he had overstepped the mark, the postings could cause offence" I know I keep hammering on about this, but he's perfectly entitled to express opinions, even if they do cause offense.

Ooooooooooooh I've just realised I've repeated the Doctor's unacceptable comments. Woe is me. Perhaps the GMC will read my blog and get nasty. Well here's a message for you boys.

                 Fuck off!

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