Saturday, 19 March 2016

A woman with her head up her arse.

I've not been able to find a picture of Lisa Elisabeth Smith. She it is who found Dr Christian Solomonides guilty of professional misconduct, and suspended him for two months. The sheer wrongness of this verdict can't be overstated. Ms Smith actually did comment on the doctor's right to freedom of speech, before, in the same breath, contradicting herself and depriving the doctor of that very right. I have no doubt that had the victim of this kangaroo court stood up and challenged the GMC in the high court he would have won, but the GMC works by intimidation and fear, designed to break down the victim's will to fight.

Not only is this verdict a breach of the Human Rights act, it is also contradictory to the GMC's own policy.
"In January 1999 the Standards Committee of the GMC met to consider issues involving the behaviour of doctors who comment in the media. It was their view that the GMC should not attempt to curtail doctors' rights to express their personal opinions. Doctors, like anyone else commenting in the media, are subject to the same constraints imposed by media regulatory bodies, and the libel laws. Furthermore, the committee considered that the professionals reputation depends principally on the standards of care and conduct provided by doctors to their patients, and not on personal opinions as put forward in published letters or articles. Whilst you may disagree with the comments Dr Y has made, we cannot take action against a doctor who is expressing a personal opinion".
In it's actions it is clear that the panel were not even aware of the GMC's own policy on the matter. How fucking incompetent can you get?

Dr Solomonides has been victimised for doing something he has every right to do. It is no different from many others' writings, including mine.

I wondered perhaps if Ms Smith is some super legal brain who has based her judgement on some legal point not clear to us lesser mortals. But not so. She has no legal training whatsoever. She was formerly a civil servant at the department of work and pensions. She is manifestly a complete fuckwit, no more fit to judge doctors than my dog. The one four feet under the earth at the bottom of my garden.

It is utterly abominable that the GMC should appoint as chairs of panels people like this, with no legal knowledge, no legal training, no legal expertise. It is a true expression of the contempt with which the GMC views doctors. That we should be judged by people so ignorant, so incompetent, so utterly unsuitable is something we should not have to put up with. Is it too much to ask that those on panels should have some relevant knowledge?

Ms. Smith. If you had a shred of integrity, shame, or insight you would apologise to Dr Solomonides, and resign your position. You are not fit to judge a pet show.

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