Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Article 7.

My last two posts highlighted further, probably illegal, action taken against a doctor. Regular visitors here may well be fed up with me banging on about article 10 of the human rights act. Though the actions of the GMC are undoubtedly in breach of this article I'm not going to comment further on that now.

But the GMC are also I think in breach of article 7. "Under this right crimes and penalties can only be prescribed by law." Contrary to what the GMC likes to think, it's not a law to itself. Their counsel Shirley Duckworth, who should know better, has stated. "the postings could cause offence". Well Ms Duckworth, much as I hate to tell you your job, causing offence is NOT illegal. In fact it's pretty much impossible to open your mouth on any matter without offending someone somewhere. Perhaps you should go back to law school. Or listen to this guy.

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