Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thank fuck for that!!

We can all breathe a sigh of relief as the prospect of that utter loon Tredinnick chairing the health select committee sinks into the mist. He lost out to Dr Sarah Wollaston by ten to one.

DZ is nonetheless concerned that this utter buffoon actually got 64 votes. That's 64 members of parliament so utterly scientifically illiterate and pathologically stupid that they thought Tredinnick an appropriate choice. Dr Wollaston has been known to deviate from the party line on NHS matters and this may be the reason why some MPs voted against her. Either way it demonstrates the contempt with which some MPs view the medical profession.

Although the numbers of votes are in the public domain I don't know if we're allowed to know the identities of those MP's who voted for Tredinnick. I for one would love to know who's on that list. In particular I'd love to know which way that calfwit Hunt voted.

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