Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Another man with his head up his arse

This is Dr Dan Poulter. He is medically qualified, but has spent precious little time working as a doctor, having been a politician most of his working life.

So why is DZ of the opinion that he's a twat? Could it be that he has wholeheartedly supported the Tory party in their every ill informed interference with the NHS? He has, but that's not the reason. Could it be because he's been deeply involved with every hostile act against the medical profession brought in by the government? Every deterioration in pay, pensions and  conditions he totally supported. Again, not the reason, though certainly true. Could it be because he is a supporter of the hated and stupid concept of revalidation? No, though that would be enough. Is it because he's a self aggrandising liar. No, not even that.

The reason DZ thinks this man is a worthless waste of protein is because of a recent act of supreme folly. An act which indicates he's both dangerously ignorant, and contemptuous of his own profession. What this utter fuckwit has done is to nominate this man as a candidate for chairman of the House of Commons Health Select Committee. Is he taking the piss?!

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  1. Working life? Doubt he has done anything to justify working. How does he revalidate?