Saturday, 9 May 2015


DZ once worked in a NHS hospital where he was one of a department of 6 Consultants. I've recently seen an ad for a new consultant in the same place where the new appointee would be an extra in a department of 24 (!) consultants. Twenty fucking four? Has the workload increased by 400%? If so where do they physically do all this work? If not what do the buggers do all day? I recall being fully occupied but not massively overworked.
Bloody whippersnappers today! Lazy fuckers don't know they're born.

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  1. Over a decade back Mrs A used to run (well, during the days, at least) a 20-or-so bed MAU in a big teaching hospital. The on-call medical team were supposed to come and help as and when needed, but the SHOs and regs from said teams were almost always too busy doing important stuff like career-ladder climbing and consultant-stalking actually to come down when the numpty Trust Grade doctor tried to get hold of them. So basically Mrs A ran the whole unit as the only 'resident' doc, organising the nurses and other staff together with the senior nurse.

    About 6 months after she left to go on maternity leave, they 're-thought' the MAU and gave it two or three consultants (which I'm pretty sure has gone up again since) and a whole collection of junior doctors. I guess this was because it was being set up as a fully independent team, but no-one ever seemed to notice that Mrs A had previously been doing pretty much everything the entire team was now doing, but single-handedly and in a dead-end non-training post.

    It will perhaps not surprise you that, despite having spent the prev 8 yrs in hospital acute med, Mrs A never went back. Her comment was something like "Eff that for a game of soldiers", though with added expletives.