Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Gaviiformes Jevonii

Another in my occasional series of notable British loons.
There are sadly numerous people out there who entertain bizarre and absurd ideas. Everything from chemtrails, to homeopathy, and the various forms of quackery based on vitalism. I only bother to highlight them if they are particularly prominent people, or if they really are exceptional in the woo they present.
This is Graham Jevon, and he is exceptional. If you follow the link you'll see why. When I first encountered one of his posts I thought it was a Poe. But sadly it isn't. More pseodoscientific word salad per sentence than I've ever seen. Examples.
"Multi wave oscillator technology to correct your frequency and resonance"
"Bio Photon pull out physical and memorial toxins"
"We can also help assist in the correction of your DNA."
"We will scan your whole body right down to the Photons that create your DNA"
And that's just from one paragraph. So my DNA is created from photons? You learn something new every day.
But his main thrust is his anti vaccine stance. He claims to have discovered evidence that will shut down the vaccine industry in minutes, though he doesn't actually present it.
I can't decide whether this guy is a completely deranged loon who really believes all this stuff, or a cynical mercenary milking the type of people who tend to go for this sort of stuff. And there are plenty of them as you will see if you read some of the comments.  This one is fairly typical. "they (vaccines)  damage the heart centre (chakra) and it closes down, when we understand just how important the heart is, not as a blood pumping organ but as an energy field to transmit and receive information and connect us to the bigger picture" 


  1. Oh Jev-Con is a scammer for sure

  2. Here is a video where he tries to blame someone else for his scamming people with his snake oil...oh sorry...high strength cannabis oil that he got mixed up with olive oil....

  3. Jev-con also advertises 'retreats' - but they never actually materialise - - just didn't happen.....

  4. You can also get an amazing 25 pages of cobbled together badly written information for £15 ...the man IS the PLANET'S LEADING BIOLOGICAL NUTRITIONIST, HERBALIST, SHAMAN, PHYSIOLOGIST AND WATER EXPERT!