Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Darwin awards

Tomorrow is "Draw Mohammed Day".
DZ did not draw this image, he doesn't have that ability. This drawing was in fact the winner of the "draw Mohammed competition" held in Garland, Texas, at the beginning of May. This was a high profile event, and Geert Wilders was present. So anyone with half a brain would be able to predict that there would be a high security presence. Also this is the USA, where many ordinary citizens are prepared, nay eager, to have a go. And specifically this was Texas, where a third of the populace owns guns, and many of them have permits to carry concealed firearms in public.
So when two islamic fundamentalists decided to attack the exhibition, using automatic rifles, what did they think was going to happen? Sure enough they were both dead within seconds of firing their first shots, and didn't get more than a few yards from their car. Well deserved Darwin awards.

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