Sunday, 18 September 2011

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Hi! My name is Khalid Saeed, ex-muslim, atheist, humanist and at present living/hiding in Sweden. I was born and grown up in Pakistan, and left islam after the analysis and thought process of many years. Because of my critics of islam both on my blog and in discussions were threatened to life not only me but also my family by the government on the base of existing sharia laws (blasphemy laws) in the country and by the extremists. After hiding for some time in Pakistan, in 2009 I escaped to Sweden and applied for asylum there. After the process of more than 2 years now Swedish Immigration Board want to send me back to Pakistan, which is certain death. Only this year so far there are around 40 known blasphemy cases/incidents resulting in prosecutions, killings, arrests, and torture. But the actual numbers of blasphemy and apostasy cases are much higher as such cases are considered as the worst crime and mostly are not reported. Different international organizations in their reports confirm the situation. Apostates are the worst victims in many muslim countries like Pakistan as they are not getting support from so many. During the past years hundred thousands muslims from different muslim countries have immigrated to Sweden, and already today they have strong influence on Swedish politics, laws and even jury members in immigration courts. Last time my case was rejected because two of the jury members were from Social Democrats, a party which is very much influenced by the Swedish Muslim Brotherhood. One jury member from another party was in favor of my case. This is a one example of how immigration decisions here in Sweden are taken place. I have been having support from among other Ex-Muslim Council of UK, Swedish Ex-Muslims, and The Humanist Association UK. Two journalists from Denmark(Hans Erling Jensen) and Sweden(Nima Dervish) and Monica Johansson from have been supporting my case. But nothing has helped and now I and my family (my wife and three children) risk prosecution and a certain torture and death in Pakistan. Unluckily even “my” lawyer did not make any effort to work on my case, as he was hired by the immigration board and I was not allowed to change him. Now I don’t find any other way than asking you for help. I know that Canada have a Refugee Sponsorship Program (, and at the present that seems only the hope for me. Please help me in sponsoring or finding a sponsorship. I am desperate and need YOUR HELP! I send you further details about my situation and case and references after getting your reply. I am desperately awaiting a response from you. PLEASE HELP! Khalid Saeed My blog:

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  1. What a load of rubbish! This is a man who wants to fight his deportation so that he can stay in Sweden ... and it's clear he intends to go to any length to do so!

    ... not a big loss to any religion or otherwise either, I don't think Pakistan or anywhere else would give a toss whether he 'believes' or not, except for some individuals who may find his rant 'comforting'

    And why do you think all those born into 'any' religion are staunch believers and practitioners on the same level of dedication?! That's such a naive view on humanity, specially coming from a doctor who should know better, isn't it?