Thursday, 1 September 2011

Another Knight

Fellow blogger Dr Grumble has not posted now for a couple of months, but in  his last post he highlighted something that we have all noticed. “.....employer wants more healthcare assistants to do nurses jobs, more nurses to do doctors jobs and more GPs doing consultant jobs.“ It might have been thought that this was something of a cynical viewpoint but as this article in the Telegraph reveals, that is exactly and precisely what they do want. 

Lord Crisp of course has never had any medical or nursing training, he has been an NHS manager of one type or another all his life. He seems to have learned nothing in all that time. What he advocates is on a par with the provision of medical services in China by the barefoot doctors. It is nothing more than saving money by providing a sub standard service. 

You can bet your life that if Lord Crisp or his family need medical attention they will have the most reputable consultant available, while he expects the rest of us to put up with a nurse practitioner.

Lord Crisp inevitably has a knighthood, despite being in no small part responsible for the state of the NHS today. Another suit full of bugger all.

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