Friday, 13 May 2011

Someone worse off

We all bemoan what has in the past happened, and what is going to happen to the NHS. But to be fair I think things are not as bad as they are often portrayed. It is my view that patients today get better, safer, more effective and consistent treatment than ever before, though I think that this has been in spite of government action rather than because of it.

To see what a complete balls up governments can make, one has to look, not at our health system, but at education.

Firstly, in a cynical attempt to give the appearance of rising standards the examination system has been completely devalued, something that has been obvious for years but which is only now being acknowledged.

Secondly, for years higher education has been held up as the route to a decent well paid career, and the current cost of university promoted as a good investment. What bollocks. The obsession of the last government with getting as many people as possible into higher education was in part no more than an attempt to manipulate the jobless figures, and has led to a glut of graduates, and now, after all the expense of those years at university, graduates face a strong possibility of life on the dole, or behind the counter at McDonalds. 

What a con. What a waste. What a kick in the teeth.

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