Saturday, 28 May 2011


Articles in “Hospital Doctor” never seem to attract much in the way of comments but the article about the loss of Clinical Excellence Awards has been an exception.

Unsurprisingly the commenters are markedly polarised between those who wish strongly to see CEAs retained and those who, equally strongly believe they should be abolished.

This very polarisation is a blinding illustration of why they should go. They should be entirely abolished because they are divisive. They create a bitter schism between the haves and the have nots. If a government or an employer were to deliberately wish to foster disunity within a profession they could not come up with a better idea than that of CEAs.

For a very modest cost they can divide and rule, in effect paying off the leaders of the profession, and leaving the rest of us with no voice. 

The system creates bitter division within the profession. It is wicked, and promotes dishonesty, mendacity, greed, self interest and corruption. It encourages us to fight among ourselves and makes us weaker and easier to control. It has no redeeming features and should go, never to be resurrected in any form.

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  1. Like MMC, it's not what you do but how you fill the form. Slaving geriatrician - no points. Orthopod who abuses system by going off to private practice during NHS time - CEA award! In between a range of deserving and not so deserving.