Sunday, 22 May 2011


It is now the aftermath of Harold Camping’s failed prediction of the second coming of christ and there are two aspects worth commenting on. 

First is the glee with which so many are mocking Mr Camping. True he has been a complete idiot, but let’s not forget he is 89 years old and it is quite likely he has literally taken leave of his senses. Perhaps we should remember the words of Frankie Howerd, “Oh no, don’t mock the afflicted”
Secondly there are the thousands of gullible followers who sold everything they own and left their jobs because they were stupid enough to believe this ridiculous prediction. There is talk of setting up help and counselling services for these people to help them cope with the disappointment, dejection and despair of the prediction not coming true. But what are they really pissed off about? The earth is not about to be destroyed, and billions of people are not about to endure a protracted and horrible death. And they are disappointed about that?

Fuck 'em!


  1. Now did I not hear somewhere that in fact Saturday was only the beginning of the end of days and we still have to wait until October for the last trump?
    And we have that damn volcano in Iceland.

  2. He was 72 the last time he predicted this. He was a complete idiot back then too, why should it be any different now he's 89? Apparently though it has indeed happened, just that it's 'invisible'. It's been a bit windy lately, perhaps that's it?