Thursday, 14 October 2010


Science and technology today have delivered all sorts of incredible devices that previous generations could not have dreamed of. Iphones, computers, 3D HD TV, and a host of highly sophisticated electronic wizardry available to all.

But if we look back in recent history we see equally, if not more exciting achievements. Probably the most exciting year in the latter half of the twentieth century was 1969. In that single year Britain & France first flew a supersonic airliner, and the USA landed the first man on the moon. Both extraordinary achievements that stretched and advanced the technology of the time beyond imagination. These feats seem to have been forgotten, and we can not even equal them today. Passengers are no longer able to fly beyond the speed of sound, and no man has walked on the moon since 1972.

Forty years ago the best minds in science and engineering were engaged in tasks to advance the frontiers of human capability. Now they are engaged in making toys for adults.

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