Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Chief Medical Officer

It is now over 10 months since the previous CMO for England, Sir Liam Donaldson resigned. Although an interim, Prof Sally Davies is supposedly holding the fort she has not been exactly high profile. The Dept of Health does not appear to be in any great hurry to appoint a substantive incumbent though I have no doubt there are plenty of ambitious hopefuls.

The question is, has anyone noticed? Does anyone give a toss? If you can do without someone in this position for that length of time, without any discernible consequences, perhaps this is yet another post that could be dispensed with altogether. Certainly Donaldson was little more than a government mouthpiece, a puppet.

Scotland, Wales, and Ulster all have their own CMOs so the UK normally has four of these expensive positions to fill. If we need one at all would not one for the UK be enough?

What a waste of money on a bunch of irrelevant sycophants.

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