Friday, 15 October 2010

CEAs again

More negative publicity for Clinical Excellence Awards in this article. I was aware that CEAs could be withdrawn if the holder was no longer doing the "extra" work for which it was awarded, but I was not aware that withdrawal was only on paper and the extra money continues to be paid regardless.

Professor Maynard is of the view that ”It is going to be difficult for the Government to stop the payments altogether as doctors will put up a strong fight."
I think I can reassure the Professor that this is not true. The profession has long been divided into the haves and have nots when it comes to CEAs. Why would the have nots fight to retain a system they despise? There may be a lot of vociferous resistance from the BMA and the eminent, ie recipients, but there will be far less support from grass roots. The likely halving of awards made proposed for 2011 has generated precious little interest, let alone opposition

Go on Lansley, call their bluff.

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