Monday, 16 August 2010


I was out today climbing a small mountain. Small enough to attract a lot of visitors, but large enough to represent a couple of hours of hard slog. As I approached the last false summit before the top I passed a man of about 60 coming down, and as walkers do we exchanged greetings and commented on the view, which was spectacular.

Not content with this exchange of pleasantries he then proceeded to lecture me on the work of the creator, and how, on reaching the summit I should reflect on His marvellous works. Somewhat taken aback I mumbled something polite and inoffensive and carried on.

What is it with these religious fuckwits that they can not resist any opportunity to try and ram their stupid superstition down the throats of anyone whose path they cross.

I wish I was one of these quick thinking witty types who can always find the right reply in these circumstances. Then I might have been able to riposte with something really clever and witty, such as “fuck off you twat!”


  1. See, I said just the other day; "Save me from god botherer's, religious nuts and zealots".
    Once had a patient arrive on a ward who, when I asked him if he was alone stated, "I am never alone" in a deep religiousy (yes I know it's not a word) voice, "I am never alone". Couldn't figure out if he was schizophrenic or if he just had fleas.

  2. I thought you were a staunch supporter of the 'right' to free speech Dr Zorro?

  3. And so I am. But I write as I see fit on my blog and if you don't like it you don't have to come here and read it. Accosting total strangers with your delusions may not be illegal, but it does invite adverse response. I am sure if I had told him to fuck off he would have taken offense.
    It is the same as when evangelists turn up at my door. They have a right to express their views, and I have a right to slam the door in their face. You have a right to free speech. You don't have a right to force people to listen.