Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Shirine Boardman

There has been much in the medical media lately about the case of Dr Shirine Boardman, which is well summarised here. It is clear that the industrial tribunal verdict against her was wrong, but it also seems to me that these tribunals are appallingly ignorant of the intricacies of NHS Consultant employment.

A fact I have mentioned before is that when something reprehensible happens in a Trust the media always report this in bland terms citing the Trust itself as responsible. NHS Trusts are of course inanimate and the true responsibility lies at the feet of people who have behaved in an arrogant and dishonest manner for their own motives. 

Why are reporters so shy of naming those responsible. It is easy enough to find out the identities of those responsible at South Warwickshire. 

The Medical Director is one Steve Mather. As Medical Director he should be fully acquainted with GMC good practice guidelines and must have known that no offence had been committed. As a previous member of the Local Negotiating Committee it might have been expected that he would perhaps point out to management that they were acting inappropriately. Dr Boardman’s sacking could not have occurred without his full co-operation. One can only guess at his motives, but his lack of integrity is in no doubt. What a shit.

The Trust Chairman is Graham Murrell, who must also take responsibility for the Trust’s action. He is ideally suited to NHS work having previously worked at Halfords for 12 years. Apparently he is a keen traveller. Perhaps he should resume his travels

The ultimate responsibility however is that of the Trust CE, one Glen Burley who is by training a bean counter. Prior to his appointment to S. Warks he was at Worcester where he was involved with the heavily criticised PFI project there. There are a great many questions that Mr Burley should be asked about his shameful and vindictive treatment of Dr Boardman. Sadly I don’t suppose he will ever be called to account.

One wonders what the Medical Staff Committee were doing while one of their colleagues was singled out and dismissed. Nothing I expect. Another bunch of self interested cowardly bastards.

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  1. Re The Medical Staff Committee. Your thoughts are exactly my thoughts. Together they could have put a stop to this. They should all be ashamed of themselves.