Sunday, 29 April 2018


DZ has long felt that corporations in the UK seem to have precious little concern for the rights of their customers, seeing them only as walking cash machines. Over the past few years he has had a number of occasions when various companies have tried to weedle out of their responsibilities.

Such as "petplan" trying to avoid paying out for a dog's vet bills by claiming, falsely, that the medical condition occurred less than 2 weeks after the commencement of the policy. A period when, despite you having paid the premium cover is not provided. It gave DZ immense satisfaction to prove them wrong and eventually present them with a bill for £8000.

Or Apple, trying to claim that a cracked screen protector (with an intact screen underneath) invalidated the warranty and therefore the defective battery could not be replaced. Could anyone explain how, even a cracked screen could damage the battery. They seem not to care about the fact that warranties "do not affect your statutory rights".

Whirlpool informing me that there is a product recall on a tumble dryer, because they burst into flames, and then offering to SELL me a new one at a discount.

These people rely on people not having the tenacity to pursue them, paying up because it's less trouble.

Probably the worst offenders here are the car parking companies, which operate many hospital car parks. Typical are UKPC who have in the past been caught out altering photographs, changing date stamps, making stuff up and blatantly lying to screw people out of exorbitant "penalty" charges. In the world of industry this is not considered bad behaviour. UKPC have on their website the statement "UKPC is very proud to be identified in the London Stock Exchange Group's "1000 Companies that Inspire Britain" 2017 report"  I think that says it all about modern Britain

Despite having been suspended in the past they have been caught out, and suspended by the DVLA yet again.

So remember. For the time being you can park in a UKPC car park at your hospital, not pay, and they are forbidden to pursue you for any parking infringement incurred during the suspension.

Alternatively you could move to Wales, where it is illegal for hospitals to charge for parking

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  1. Update. UKPC have now, for a second time, had their license restored. How many times do you have to be caught cheating the public before you're closed down?