Monday, 16 April 2018

Days, weeks and months.

Most people will be aware that a lot of dates in the calendar are dedicated to some historical event, or worthy cause. Many of the dedications are well worth honouring, such as "Human Rights Day", December 10, "International Beer Day" (YAY!) 1 August, or "International Holocaust Remembrance Day" January 27.

Others, though this is purely DZ subjective opinion are  a little more............dubious? "International day of Francophonie", March 20 ("Nous nous rendon" seems to cover most eventualities.) Also "World Puppetry Day" March 21, and "Star Wars Day" May 4! (Yes really!)

And finally others are positively shite. In particular is April 10, the birthday (in 1755) of Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of the utter bilge known as homeopathy. The date has now been appropriated by quacks as "International Homeopathy Awareness Day" Indeed, so keen are they to perpetuate and encourage this tripe that the day seems to have metamorphosed into a whole week, which, thankfully ends today. It was preceded by "Chiropracty week", celebrating another load of pseudoscientific drivel, pushed by a load of quacks.

Why they should be entitled to a whole week when the cause of abolishing slavery only gets one day is beyond me.

But my faith is restored by the fact that some causes actually get a whole month. And one such is just around the corner. May is "International Masturbation Month"

In the words of the song "It does me good, like it bloody well should". Which is more than you can say for homeopathy or chiropracty.

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