Friday, 8 January 2016


Britain is apparently the "Whiplash capital of Europe".

No not like that unfortunately, like this.  DZ was once involved in such a claim. While reversing into a parking space he very gently knocked the front of a car behind. The lady driving took details and then flounced off to her aerobics class, and subsequently submitted an insurance claim for whiplash injury. The Insurance company simply paid up rather than fight the obviously spurious and opportunistic claim. So DZ is more than happy to see that Aviva fought this time and won, sending the claimants packing.

But there is a medical issue here. Apparently the claimants were "able to supply medical evidence to lawyers in support of their claim." So some of our colleagues were perfectly prepared to collude with this blatant attempt at fraud, in order to line their pockets. What greedy dishonest fuckers they must be.

DZ makes no apology for repeating something he's said before.

The only difference between some doctors and prostitutes, is that there are some things prostitutes won't do for money.

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