Tuesday, 5 January 2016


DZ once had a close friend, a German. She used to have a saying "Mann denkt man ist was selbst er ist". A rough translation would be that people assume others are as they are themselves.

If this is true take the following situation. Our glorious leader dear Jeremy wants to introduce weekend elective working in the NHS. Nothing wrong with that in itself. After all much of  NHS hospital facilities stand idle at the weekends. But this would represent an increase in workload of 40%. Logically then it would require a corresponding increase in all staffing, resulting in a 40% increase in costs.

But Jeremy isn't keen on that cost thing. He wants to increase the throughput without any financial input. The only alternative to increasing staffing levels is to get the existing staff to increase their hours by 40%, but this would cost even more, and has the added disadvantage that, under the terribly inconvenient working hours laws, and current contracts, this is not allowed. Totally verboten!

The solution is easy. Unilaterally change the doctors' contracts so as to remove those safeguards so hard won over the years, and take us back to the days DZ remembers well, when we worked over 100 hours a week.

That this is how his mind is working is obvious. As plain as the nose on Pinochio's face.

So how does he think he can get away with this. He must think we're incredibly stupid, imperceptive and unthinking.

And by my friend's philosophy perhaps that tells us something about him.

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