Friday, 20 November 2015

Wanking again

Staying on the other side of the Atlantic, DZ has in the past commented on the bizarre attitude towards masturbation exhibited by some of the fringe religions over there. Well it's not just the fringe as this statement from the "United States conference of catholic bishops" demonstrates.

............................... other sins in addition to those already mentioned, especially masturbation. Masturbation, which is deliberate, erotic stimulation often to the point of orgasm, commonly occurs together with pornography use. While popular culture largely sees it as acceptable, masturbation is always gravely contrary to chastity and the dignity of one's body. Like other sins against chastity, it seeks sexual pleasure outside of the mutual self-giving and fruitful intimacy of spouses in marriage, in this case, even outside of any relationship at all. In addition, engaging in masturbation has powerful neurological effects that can make it into a highly addictive behavior. However, true freedom from this destructive habit is possible with the grace of Christ."

DZ had always subscribed to Woody Allen's view of wanking, that it's "safe sex with someone you love" but apparently not. Even the view that DZ had thought long discredited, that wanking causes mental health issues is promoted. It must be true obviously, this is the catholic church talking. And they do so have the moral high ground.

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