Thursday, 6 November 2014


Well said Dan Snow!

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  1. Well said Dan Snow?

    Erm, well Dr Z: Yet for many of us in today’s Britain, this important ceremony is diminished by the dominance of a religion that fewer and fewer people follow. An Anglican bishop presides over a portion of the ceremony. His fellow imams, priests, patriarchs and primates stand by like also-rans and there is no sign of a secular representative.

    Is this important ceremony diminished by the dominance of religion? For me – I think not! I am totally unaware of the dominance of religion. Where is this dominance? Please point it out to me.

    When I pin my poppy (to eleven o’clock), I pin it for those who fought in the pointless war and the many who died for it. Religion does not enter into it and I sincerely believe nor does it for anyone else.

    For you to seek gain for your atheist ideal is rather naff (for want of a kinder word|) pretty grim Dr Z.

    Conflicting interests (?): I am an atheist.

    Anna :o[