Saturday, 9 March 2013


"The rules were a wee bit different then (1980) to what we did with allegations of child sex abuse 20 or 30 years ago.................our attitude to child sex abuse has changed"

Cardinal Keith O'Brian

Actually cardinal that's not true of most of us. We've always been appalled and revulsed by such behaviour, and of predatory, hypocritical cunts like you who admit a hankering for the old days when you used to get away with it.

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  1. Wasn't going to answer this, but I can't ignore it. Dr Z, like everyone else, I don't know exactly what O'Brien has done or what he's been reported for. I do feel let down and angry at him. But one thing I do know. When Steve Gilhooley, a former priest, went to print a book called 'The Pyjama Parade' which was about sex abuse in a seminary in Cumbria, O'Brien supported him and refused to cave into pressure being put on him to stop Gilhooley from printing the book. And I feel that it is this, rather than 'inappropriate behaviour' that has led to his demise. There is a civil war going on in the Vatican just now between those who want to cover up and those who want everything cleaned out. Benedict has just effectively sacked the Curia by resigning (they have to resign with him) and I think this was the purpose of his resignation; to clean the place out and let the new pope start again. But it bothers me that O'Brien may have been removed for something that he did right, rather than something that he did wrong.