Thursday, 14 February 2013

Willing slaves

A lot is emerging at the moment in the media, in which management are being targeted as being responsible for poor care in various trusts. This is one such article in, which the medical consultants are portrayed as victims of a bullish and ruthless pressure to do extra sessions against their will. Doctors being subjected to slave labour conditions. 

Well I'm sorry but that's not my recollection. I think what they are talking about here is waiting list initiative sessions. The article doesn't mention the £500 plus that surgeons and anaesthetists used to get for these sessions or the unseemly scramble for these sessions that went on by those doctors eager to profit.
While it is true that aggressive management are in no small part to blame let's not forget that many of our colleagues fully co-operated in a naked quest for self enrichment and self advancement.
If subjected to close scrutiny, we are not going to come out of this squeaky clean.

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