Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Metrication again

Although some nurses have problems with metric height measurements the weight in Kg is not usually a problem for them. Not so midwives. This is a true story related to me by a friend. 

Friend is, by her own admission, somewhat well nourished, with a BMI that often goes over 30. 

During her last pregnancy she attended a routine ante natal appointment and was weighed by a midwife. The scales indicated 36Kg, roughly a third of friend’s weight. Without batting an eyelid the midwife wrote down 36 Kg on the notes. Friend pointed out that this was obviously wrong and told the midwife her weight as taken that morning at home, only to be told that her scales at home were defective.

Friend persisted in trying to get the midwife to see sense, and suugested that the clinic scales were defective. The Midwife then said she would test them. So what do you suppose she put on the scale as a test? A single sheet of A4 paper! WTF?

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  1. This is a perfect example of living in a dual measurement world, most people are deficient in either. No metric person would ever accept an healthy adult's weight as 36 kg.