Sunday, 5 December 2010

Working time directive

I have posted before on the working time directive and the working conditions my generation endured that masqueraded as training. To those who think I am exaggerating (my on call room was a hole in't ground covered wi' a tarpaulin) have a read of another's experience. And another.

In the same post she also talks about the involvement of doctors in torture and what they could possibly have been thinking to allow themselves to do this. I think here she misses the most likely motivation, To quote from another of my previous posts

"Some of my colleagues only differ from prostitutes in one respect. There are some things prostitutes will not do for money."


  1. Dr Z, if you check out junior (FY1) doc Natalie (aka Silv24) on Twitter, you might get the impression that less has changed than some people think.

  2. Dear Zorro,

    I spent several years doing 1 in 2's, or 1 in 3's, and like dr Grumble and the Witchdoctor found it very soul destroying. I fell asleep once holding abdominal retractors while assisting at a laporotomy once. The real risk was not the emergencies, adrenaline takes care of that, the danger was in the routine stuff like looking at blood results, fluid regiemes and prescribing.

    I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but the EWTD has gone to the other extreme, with poor teaching and no continuity.