Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I have risked criticism in the past for my views on midwives, (1) (2) (3) but you don’t have to make up stories about them being stupid, some of them will quite happily confirm that with their own words and deeds.

I have personally known one who thought reflexology potentially useful in labour, and, more seriously, another who thought that prayer was a suitable alternative to resuscitation in a flat, blue newborn.

This article is another illustration. The opening phrase “Having a medical background as a qualified nurse and midwife is an extremely useful tool for being a homeopath” Says it all I think.


  1. Not just midwives or nurses, doctors too go down the homeopathic route. Go to the British Homeopathy Association site and search for a practitioner whose profession is doctor.

  2. Yes I have to admit that some do, and not only with homeopathy but also with other types of woo. Some because they delude themselves that it works, and others motivated by cynical greed. Sometimes some of my colleagues really disappoint me.

  3. Oh desr.. sounds like this..

    I suppose the only thing I would object to is putting things in the mouth of an unconscious child ! Other than that, strip him down, tepid sponge, recovery position and call and ambulance with or without placebos.

    May I ask why you were even reading this woo?

  4. Followed a link from Andy Lewis' Quackometer, one of the many sceptic sites I read.

  5. LOL! I guess the same reason I wsa reading it then :D