Thursday, 25 November 2010


For the first time in it’s history the NHS is to allow a private company to run one of it’s Hospitals. I do not think I am a closed minded individual and I will not say that this is in principal a bad thing, though I do not think that, even among tory voters, this will sit well.

What does strike me however is the dishonesty and deceit which is already being employed in presenting this extraordinary precedent to the public. 

Dr Stephen Dunn, director of strategy at the strategic health authority, said, among other statements “This is not privatisation” 

Dr Dunn, you fucking blatant liar. Yes it fucking is! Whether, as a tactic, it succeeds or not, it most definitely is privatisation. Denying this fundamental fact reminds me of the saying; “Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining”
Denial of this is simply an insult to the intelligence. If Dr Dunn came clean on this we might be more inclined to give this experiment a chance. Treating us like fools Dr Dunn can only generate hostility and resistance, and the view that you are trying to hide something.


  1. Too bloody right Doc'. Circle pitches itself as a 'John Lewis' type of company when it's nothing of the sort. Sure 49.1% of it's shares are issued to the workforce, but the controlling interest is vested in the Circle Group plc. And the bulk of the shareholding of the so called Partners is with the Consultant cohort, not the front line medics.
    Thus it tries to give the impression of a 'social enterprise' whilst being precisely opposite; a profit hungry plc, with a brief to maximise these, no doubt at the expense of it's patients.

  2. All very ominous, for sure, but I am not sure it is privatisation - yet.