Friday, 15 April 2016


I see that the chair of the GMC, and the NHS Medical Director are both urging the junior doctors to call off their planned strike. I don't think we should take them too seriously. These two individuals have long ago sold themselves to government and it was inevitable that Hunt would wheel out these two puppets to say what they've been told they're expected to say. They're nothing more than mouthpieces.

Also inevitable is that Hunt and his puppets would hide behind the patients, warning of the consequences to them of withdrawing emergency care.

Let's be clear about this. There will be no consequences. The Consultants are solidly behind the juniors in this. The Consultants will cover the emergencies. Obviously they will. The patients requiring emergency cover will not suffer in any way.

So, Bruce Keogh, and Terence Stephenson. You've nailed your colours to the mast. Now fuck off, your strings are showing.

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  1. Those two clowns are at it again? Does the GMC Chair actually even think anyone listens to him after he asked us all to bend over during the MTAS/MMC fiasco?

    I'm not bending over again, me bum's still aching from the last time.