Thursday, 23 July 2015

Anyone for eugenics?

DZ very rarely buys fast food. But once in a while he finds himself hungry enough to eat a raw scabby cat with the fur on, and finds no alternative. And so recently he found himself in a Burger King where he he enjoyed this exchange with a young lady behind the counter.

DZ. “Burger & chips please.”
YL. “You mean fries? That’ll be £6.50 please. You wanna drink wi’that?”
DZ. “No thank you.”
YL. “It’s cheaper with a drink.”
DZ “Really? OK then I’ll have a diet coke please.”
YL. “OK that’ll be £6.80 please.”
DZ. “ …………………ummmmmm,………I thought you said it would be cheaper with a drink?
YL. “Yes thats right it’s cheaper with a drink.”
DZ. “But £6.80 is more than £6.50.”
YL. “ Uh.??”
DZ. “If it’s £6.50 without a drink, and £6.80 with a drink then it’s not cheaper with a drink. Is it?”
YL. “That’s right. It’s cheaper with a drink.”
DZ. “No it isn’t! £6.80 is not cheaper than £6.50……………..Is it?”

At this point there was obviously some inner intellectual turmoil within the girl and a long period of silence. Then she called over her supervisor.

YL. “This customer ordered a drink, and now he says he don’t wannit”

Fuck me gently! Where do they find these people?

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  1. These people, of various genders and varying intellect, are available at Poundland, three for 89p, innit?
    Idiocracy is coming your way...
    Anna :o]