Monday, 16 March 2015


I do appreciate of course that, in the modern NHS each and every simple task requires that the practitioner have special training. Everything from wiping bottoms to opening the window seems to require a certificate allowing the holder to proceed.

I also accept that giving morphine tablets to patients in accordance with a prescription obviously requires a special expertise, gained on a course, and certified in writing.

But I can't help thinking that someone who doesn't hold such an important qualification should have a better way of communicating it than..........


Fucking nurses these days. Aren't they just rubbish?


  1. Erm, well, yes…

    Is your post a sweeping generalisation (my first thought was that it was), why no sir, no more than saying that all docs are arrogant tosspots. (Of course they’re not – well maybe one or two…).

    Initial knee-jerk well put to bed – well, I didn’t put it to bed as I haven’t got a certificate for it – I now find your post well-conceived and writ, a literary gem that is fair and just, eloquence at its very best.

    Do I give oral? Well I think my response here is that this important question is between me, my lover and my conscience…

    I must say that despite your posts obvious eloquence – some important facts (that would give credence) are lacking, as in: Why nurses now don’t hold qualifications to administer meds. Didn’t know this - please elaborate.

    Well enough of the defensive stuff! “Fucking nurses these days. Aren't they just rubbish?” Of course they are, especially the ones who wear crosses round their necks…

    Oh that I could be one of those wonderful docs (who confidently state in writing) that after discussion with Mrs. Miggins, she has agreed that a DNR should be put in place. (Mrs. Miggins has enduring mental ill-health and lacks capacity… (And is therefore a drain on resources and is expendable…)

    Docs these days – aren’t they just bloody wonderful!

    Love ya
    Anna :o]

  2. What is the world coming to when you can't get oral from a nurse? 'shakes head sadly'