Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Gaviiformes Tredinnii

David Tredinnick is the Conservative MP for Bosworth. He is also one of the most raving loons in parliament, far outlooning anything that UKIP can throw up. His first job was as a second lieutenant in the Grenadier Guards, and even then it is clear that his intellectual capacity did not go unnoticed, and he left without even rising to the dizzy heights of lieutenant. After he left the army, much to the relief I expect, of his soldiers, he had a number of jobs, none of which he was able to hold down for very long. I wonder why.

I'm not going to detail the full depths of his ignorance, you can read it all here.

What is stunning is that a man of such profound scientific and medical illiteracy and ignorance has managed to get himself onto both the Science and Technology select committee, and the Health Committee, both committees providing an opportunity for him to do immense harm. He is a prime example of the Dunning Kruger effect and appears virtually ineducable.

What is so utterly disheartening is that the reason he got onto the Science & Technology committee is that, out of 306 conservative MPs he was the only nominee. For fuck's sake Cameron do you not give a shit?

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  1. Love the part where it says "In 2014 he told MPs: "I am absolutely convinced that those who look at the map of the sky for the day that they were born and receive some professional guidance will find out a lot about themselves and it will make their lives easier.""

    In fairness he is correct, they will find out that they are gullible morons.