Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lazy sick bastards

The NHS can be a pretty inconsistent employer. We are repeatedly told that we should not come to work if we are suffering from infectious diseases, from flu to diarhoea. And yet if you actually take more than 4 minutes off sick over 20 years you have some fucking tyrant summoning you to his office telling you you're not pulling your weight and will be watched from here on in.

Lets face it , if you're ill, you're ill, and you shouldn't be at work. Being treated as if you're some sort of idle skiver (or if you're Welsh, "skifor") for taking time off sick is just not right. On your return you will be taken to one side and "counselled" (translated "threatened") with the consequences of daring to take sick leave again. Pointing out that sick leave is a statutory right is likely to get you labelled a troublemaker and not struggling in to work when you have ebola will be considered a sign of lack of dedication.

Another way of looking at it;

A Post Office employee in Bournemouth is retiring after 41 years without using any of her sick days.

Friends describe her as "dedicated".

Co-workers remember her as, "That cow who kept giving me the flu."

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