Tuesday, 13 May 2014


DZ has never been a fan of football. He regards it as a mind numbingly boring game. He's always been a little irritated by the fact that those around him who follow the game regard DZ as some sort of aberration, not quite a proper man, despite the fact that his disinterest is shared by about half the population. In return DZ has always regarded football bores with mild disdain, until that is he had to share a train journey with about 200 of the bastards on their way home from a game. After watching them repeatedly trying to provoke a fight with the heavily outnumbered transport police he now feels they should be used as organ donors. And kept in camps.

DZ is therefore also irritated by the obsession the media have with the game, nicely summed up by this bit of film.

So when he read this article this morning he had to sympathise with the sentiment expressed. Yeah! Those interested in archeology don't go around bending the ears of the rest of us do they? You don't find the media droning on incessantly about it all the time do you?

So then he turned to the morning papers, and found this, as the front page headline of today's Indy. The article uses the word "archeology" no fewer than 9 times. Perhaps football's not so bad after all. (Yes it is)

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  1. Football isn't a boring game at all. But I think too many people take sports too seriously.