Thursday, 17 April 2014

Another man with his head up his arse

Until today I wouldn't have known who this man was.  His name is Steve Webb, and apparently he's the pensioner's minister. He has recently stated that we should be telling old people when they are going to die, so they can better manage their finances.

Where do you start? The flaws in this are so numerous, and obvious to anyone with any intelligence that I can only assume that Mr Webb is exceptionally stupid, even by the standards of this government.

We all know that, even when presented with a patient with terminal illness, predicting lifespan is so inaccurate that most of us don't do it. Does he really imagine we can predict the future. What's he suggesting we use, astrology, tarot cards, tea leaves? How does he think we are going to do this with any degree of accuracy.

Fortunately for us there is a website that does this for us that I'm sure we can rely on. Putting my own details into this highly accurate computer model gives me the information that I will live to be 89, and that my remaining allotted time is 917,643,294 seconds. And counting!

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  1. The world is full of nutters dear Zorro. Stupidity appears to be one of the several (worrying) prerequisites of entering politics - a little like gaining employment at the Co-op where ignorant stupidity is a must.
    Many thanks for providing the link to The Death Clock - I am over the moon to announce that I have nineteen years left in which to engage in my debaucherous lifestyle and I feel so relieved. That said - thirty-nine would have been better...I think I need a drink...
    Anna :o]