Thursday, 6 February 2014


When DZ goes to social gatherings, he's often disheartened by the fact that everyone he meets there seems to be some sort of utter fuckwit. I suppose it's a curse associated with having an intellect the size of Brazil. Only recently I was cornered by an ignorant bore telling me how the world energy crisis was easily solvable but the solution was being supressed by "BIG OIL". When he finally got to describing the process it was clearly nonsense but he was convinced, having seen it explained on that most reliable of sources, youtube. When I tried to explain the flaws, including deviation from basic laws of physics, he immediately glazed over and I realised that I would be better off talking to the barmaid, who at least was nice to look at. I got to wondering, how is it that you can't get through to stupid people. That there is a section of society so refractory to education that you may as well not bother, and put them to work up chimneys and down mines at the age of 5. And then I saw this, which explains everything.


  1. Immediately thought of this for you, from 0:29 to 0:37.

    1. :) Unlike Marvin, I'm not depressed. At all